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Design Your Own Kitchen


Design your own kitchen can fall under a great learning experience. Follow a few steps and a few ideas and you are on your way. Imagination can give your kitchen a new wonderful and unique environment. When finished you will want to have the dinner party of the year. You can start your kitchen design with a style, color or even a type of alliances like stainless steel.


When you designing your own kitchen you can start with easy remodel project that you can do by yourself. Start with making a list of the items you want to change in the kitchen; you will need a few things to begin with to start the design of your own kitchen. A measuring tape and a notebook. To keep track of sizes, styles and color. You can also keep track of your budget.


Counter tops can be redone a few ways you can send them down and repaint them or even just paint them you will want a non-water base paint for either choice you make you can also top off the paint with a clear acrylic to seal in the paint and color. When repainting counter tops you want to brush the paint on all the same direction. You can also change the total look with purchasing new counter tops. You can measure each one length and width and take you measurement to your local hardware store and they will give you new options.

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Cabinets can also be sanded down and repainted. If they are real wood you can use stain, you can simply change the look of your cabinets by changing the handles with new ones. Taking the old ones off and spray paint each one and set them back in. Taking old brass handles and spraying them with pearl silver is cheap and effortless.


To design your own kitchen you can think of changing the floor and repainting the walls. You will have thousands of colors to select from for your walls. Classic white will give your kitchen a bright and wide-open feeling. You can also change the look set your kitchen with painting the walls a bright color from the middle down and a basic color from the middle up. Basic colors can be tan, beige, or eggshell. Your flooring can change to hard wood, tile, or lament flooring.

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When you design your own kitchen, it can be done with a small budget if you keep all the changes in mind with simple ideas and quick changes. Changing a color or adding decorative decor can give your entire kitchen a new look. You can also replace all of your appliances with new that will define the way your kitchen looks without a total remodel or lots of work.


If you want to design your own kitchen without the work you can, do all the planning and designing and then hire someone to do the work for you. You can find design your own kitchen books and tools at your local hardware store. You can also find help and ideas online. You can also find free in home estimates to help your budget many times from select retailers. You can hire a design your own kitchen professional to help you pick out your style colors and new decor…

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