Commercial Kitchen Appliances

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Commercial Kitchen Appliances

One of the latest trends in home kitchen remodels is to incorporate commercial kitchen appliances. Commercial kitchen appliances offer larger capacities and longer life span than many of your traditional appliances and as such, people are flocking to the commercial market, especially those with large families or who plan to entertain quite frequently. Below are some examples of commercial kitchen appliances that you may be interested in for your next kitchen remodel.


Ice Maker


Summer time is the perfect time to entertain; the only problem is you can quickly run out of ice for drinks! This fact has made an icemaker standard on most refrigerators; the problem is these tiny devices do not hold up well when they are used for large numbers of people. Commercial kitchen appliances like a small industrial icemaker can make your summer fun cool and relaxing.

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Features- Summit Professional Ice Maker


Built with efficiency and convenience in mind!

Produces up to 24 pounds of ice a day.

Designed for built-in use but can also stand-alone and still look great!

Features manual defrost drainage options inside and out and a reversible door swing.

Easy to monitor cycle and water level indicators.

$750 Amazon price




The best commercial kitchen appliances in ranges are the restaurant style. These huge ranges offer you more than enough cooking space to feed an army and often come with great built in heavy-duty griddles.


Features- Sunfire 60” Commercial


Two ovens

30,000 BTU open burners

24” raised griddle with 5/8 inch steel plate

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Six inch adjustable legs

Stainless steel

$2500 + online price


Convection Oven


Do you love to bake up a storm? Are you the neighbor who has pizza night and yet never a delivery car is seen? For the all night baker there is the commercial kitchen appliances convection oven. These beauties offer you all the space you need to create wonderful holiday confections or enough pizza for the football team!



Left door solid

right door glass

3/4″ gas connection

All stainless steel front, sides, and top

50 / 50 double door, swings open 135°

Stainless steel, air-tight door gaskets

75,000 & 90,000 BTU/hr. total heat input per oven

M-Series cavity width and depth

Accommodates full size sheet pans, front to back or side to side

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5 chrome racks with 12 position chrome rack guides

Pull-out control panel

$2500 + online pricing


Bottom Line


There are many commercial kitchen appliances that you can use to turn your kitchen into the cooking center of your dreams. As you can see, however all of this convenience comes at a hefty price. To keep the cost of your commercial kitchen appliances within the reasonable realm you should carefully consider which appliances you truly need. Do not be carried away with fancy new gadgets that will simply gather dust in your kitchen.

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