Small Kitchen Design

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Small Kitchen Design

It may be good news or bad news, but your kitchen is the most recurrently visited room in your home. It’s good news if you have a large spacious kitchen with a great view of greenery outside with perhaps an herbal window filled with sunlight and brightness, but if you have a teeny little kitchen that is perhaps dank and definitely uncomfortable and definitely not functional, perhaps it’s time for you to redesign your kitchen by looking over sections of the Internet that specialize in small kitchen design.


Very small spaces in your kitchen need to be opened up, perhaps by having a lot of glass in it, including see-through seating perhaps made of clear Plexiglas and a glass top table? The color white opens up tight spaces, so if you are getting new kitchen cabinets perhaps you should consider having white ones accented by a bright backsplash to bring color and move your eye toward something else other than the actual size of the kitchen? Mirrors greatly enlarge a small room, thus perhaps a mirrored backsplash is a great idea for you.

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Small kitchen design need not be monotonous either. Consider hanging your kitchen utensils to detract from the smallness of the room. Ultra-bright work areas often make a small area to be perceived as appearing larger. Bright oranges, mixed with all-white appliances not only made a statement but make the area appear much larger.


Small kitchen design mean looking up sometimes. Consider double stacked cabinets if you have tall ceilings, or perhaps shelves located across the top of the kitchen door decorated by perhaps your good set of china for example. Just be sure and make it something you do not have to reach for often, keeping functionality always in the back of your mind.


If you are going to get new cabinets, working with a small kitchen design may mean that you need to pick out cabinets that have the grain of the wood going back and forth instead of up and down. The eye naturally follows the side-to-side grain, enabling those looking at it to feel as if the cabinets go on forever, even though space has been terribly limited prior to you purchasing those new cabinets.


Any see through effect will aggrandize a small kitchen. Thus do not be afraid to use cabinets with glass doors. Small kitchen design is almost a job for “Trompe l’Oeil” designs. In fact if your kitchen ends in a blank wall, you may consider hiring an artist to perform a “Trompe l’Oeil” painting on that blank wall. For instance the artist could paint a wonderful beach scene or a delightful rain forest effect, so that the kitchen is no longer sequestered in a tight little space, but now looks out onto whatever effect you’ve chosen. If cost is important, consider some of the magnificent “Trompe l’Oeil” wallpaper that is available just for the trouble of looking for it online. My personal favorite is called “Tropical Window.”

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