Red Kitchen Appliances

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Red Kitchen Appliances

Red kitchen appliances are the new black. Today many manufactures are offering everything from washers and dryers to toasters in red. This is a bold color choice but done right it can really make your kitchen pop! Below are just a few of the many you can purchase today to customize the look of your kitchen today.


Toaster Oven


Toaster ovens are not the first kitchen appliance that people think about when remodeling or refreshing the look of their kitchen. However believe it or not there are red toaster ovens available to go with your other red appliances.




Stainless-steel 1000-watt toaster oven

Broiler function

Baking, toasting, and grilling

12-liter capacity

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Upper and/or lower heat

Adjustable temperature



baking pan included

Measures 12 by 12 by 10 inches

$49.99 Amazon Price


Hamilton Beach Coffee Pot


America simply cannot run without coffee, many people think that it is gasoline that keeps people moving, but if the popularity of coffee shops is any indication the true life blood is definitely coffee. A popular brand of coffee maker and yes they offer it in red as well.




12-cup red and stainless coffee maker

Drip-free carafe

programmable clock/timer and a 2-hourshutoff system

Pause `n serve function

Nonstick keep-hot plate

Includes water filter



George Foreman Grill


One of the most popular red kitchen appliances today is the George Foreman grill. Fat free diets being all the rage shot the Foreman grill to the top of many people’s most wanted list.




84 square inches of cooking surface

5 removable grill plates



Nonstick coating

Handles stay cool to the touch

Dishwasher-safe grilling plates

Measures 12 x 8 1/4 inches



Emerson Microwave


The appliance no one thought would last has now been around since 1947. And now you guessed it, is available in the red kitchen appliances line at a retailer near you! A tried and true manufacturer of all things gadget is Emerson Electronics and their microwaves are built with the same attention to detail as the rest of their products.




900-Watt Counter top Microwave

Red Stainless Steel

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Removable Glass Turntable

LED Display

Digital Clock and Kitchen Timer

10 Power Levels

Speed and Weight Defrost Modes

8 Settings

8 One-Touch Settings

10 Power Levels

Child Safety Lock



Bottom Line


If you are designing a kitchen and want to use red kitchen appliances, you will have many options in both manufacturer and style. Red is not a color all people will be fond of but for the bold personality, they can be just the ticket.

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