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Small Kitchen Table


There are many reasons for adding a small kitchen table. Even if you have a huge dining room complete with banqueting table there is something nice about a small kitchen table to sit and have your morning coffee or tea at. Let’s look at some other possible reasons for using a small table.




Large tables and formal dining are nice when you have company or during family functions, but when you want to have a nice cozy dinner for two a small kitchen table is just what the doctor ordered. Nothing says I love you like a quiet dinner for two over a cozy small kitchen table.




Let us face it we all cannot live in 35,000 sq foot homes; many people have small homes or kitchens that simply will not accommodate a large dining table. A small kitchen table can often be placed in an out of the way corner leaving ample room to move around and cook or clean.

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There are times when a large family dining table is just not conducive to family dinners. A small kitchen table often encourages everyone to come together and talk openly about their day or just have a nice meal together. What could be better than encouraging communication?


Macon Small Spaces Table


A nice quality small kitchen table that will not cost you an arm and a leg is the Macon small spaces table. This dark walnut table and chair set is nice enough for company but small enough for intimate dinners.




5 piece space saver

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Solid hardwood and veneer

4 chairs stow away inside

Extended seats up to 6

$179.98 Amazon


Dougan Small Breakfast Table


If you are more into a contemporary design, you might be interested in the Dougan small kitchen table in walnut. This small table is available at online retailers; however, the chairs are sold separately.




Seats 2-3 for Small Spaces

Dark Walnut Wenge Wood Veneer Frame

Square Tabletop

Frame Features Solid Wood Feet

Durable Metal Hardware

Assembly Required

Tools Included

Easy to Clean

Dimensions: 31.50 x 31.50 x 29.30 ”

Soft Modern





Whether you are looking for a small kitchen table to save space or to encourage intimacy there are many brands and styles available to choose from. From dark cherry wood to light pine, contemporary design or traditional style there is a little something for everyone. A small kitchen table can enhance your kitchen, provide a quiet spot to meditate on the coming day or have a quiet conversation.

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