Client Computer Settings in the Internet Cafes / Online Game

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Client Computer Settings in the Internet Cafes / Online Game – Actually a lot of tweeking really trick windows in the forums on the internet, hundreds of ways and methods, but this let me give you some recipes the concoction of a little trick / tip tweeking win XP client which can be used in the cafe / game online.

Previously please read the terms and conditions, remember, I am not responsible for any disruption and damage due to the use of tip / trick that I wrote, the term is used also used, but do not protest! It already was told above!?

Client Computer Settings in the Internet Cafes/Online Game


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1. Tips and tricks applies to win XP, for other OS, please adjust your own.

2. In the case of tweeking the registry, use regedit program, so please learn first how to life, especially in the manufacture of Key, String, DWORD, etc.

Asking his pants how to use regedit in this posting are strictly prohibited!

A. TIPS …!

1. Install programs that are important and useful function in accordance with client cafe / game online, use the free software and legal nature such as:

Openoffice, Adobe Reader, 7Zip, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, WinAmp, Yahoo Messenger, XnView, IRC, K-lite Megacodecs / Media Player Classic etc.

2. Do not forget install Adobe Flash Player plugin smile

3. Antivirus 1 wrote, and do not forget to turn off the auto update feature.

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4. Remove programs that are not useful default win


Start – Control Panel – Add Remove Programs – Add / Remove Windows Components

Erase all, except the calculator and MSPaint (if necessary)

5. Install anti executable deepfreeze and security for last smile


A. Start Menu



HKEY_CURRENT_USER – Control Panel – Desktop – MenuShowDelay

Set value = 50

2. Folder Access



HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE – SYSTEM – CurrentControlSet – Control – FileSystem

Create a DWORD value = 1 NtfsDisableLastAccessUpdate contents

3. Tweek Memory

Special tricks this one memory / RAM client computer, optimally up to.Belum to 2GB? Well, our elders once said: “If you want to prosper, must be capital.”

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HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE – SYSTEM – CurrentControlSet – Control – SessionManager – Memory Management

a.DisablePagingExecutive content value = 1

b.LargeSystemCache content value = 1

4. Bandwidth



gpedit.msc – Computer Configuration – Administrative Templates – Network – QOS Packet Scheduler – Limit Reservable Bandwidth

set is enabled, the contents of the value to 0%

5. StartUp



msconfig – Startup

Remove all check it, except antivirus. Completed.

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