Setting Windows 7, Vista, Xp Computer On Same Network

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Setting Windows 7, Vista, Xp Computer On Same Network – Back when Vista was still a hot topic, many authors who write articles about how Vista and XP in the same computer network. Now we have (md Windows version) Windows 7.

In this article we will discuss a few things about each computer with a different OS. Where each computer with a different OS can be mutually sharing files, printers and other media.

Setting Windows 7, Vista, Xp Computer On Same Network

Verify that your hard disk Format Using NTFS

As discussed earlier, your PC may use a less secure file system: FAT32. Thus you should make sure you use the NTFS (New Technology File System). if the computer you are using the FAT 32 system, you must reformat your hard disk to NTFS format system (For Windows Xp).

Make sure that File and Printer Sharing Enabled

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Although Windows automatically installs and enables the protocol to share files and printers, can be accidentally switched off. Therefore you have to check, especially if you’re having trouble sharing.

In the network connection properties dialog (see Figure Network Properties) you want to make sure :

File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks and Client for Microsoft Networks protocol is enabled.

To open the Properties dialog of the network connection in XP, click Start> Connect to> Show all connections. Then right-click the network connection you use and select Properties.

Here’s how to open the Windows Vista:

Open Network and Sharing Center and click Manage network connections link on the left. Then right-click the network connection and select Properties.

In Windows 7, open Network and Sharing Center, click the name link Desired connection networks active in the area. In the connection status window, click Properties.

Disable File-Sharing Wizard Interface.

Windows XP Professional and all editions of Vista and Windows 7 has been developed for the sharing arrangement. If you are using the advanced method, you can better control the sharing using Permissions. You will use a similar approach between your computer, regardless of their Windows version.

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Here’s how to disable simple sharing interface or wizard-based:

Explorer My Computer.

Click Tools and select Folder Options.

If you do not see the file menu in Vista or Windows 7, press the Alt key.

Click the View tab.

Scroll down and uncheck Use Sharing Wizard (in Vista or Windows 7) or Use Sharing Wizard (on XP).

Click OK to save changes.

Verify that each computer with the same workgroup

On Computer and small business networks, the computer must be assigned to the Workgroup. You should be setting up all the computers you want to share with each other to set the same workgroup.

Because some versions of Windows have different default workgroup name, you must specify a specific name and make sure that each computer is set to the same workgroup.

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Setting up a computer to Workgroup in windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista:

Right-click My Computer or Computer from the desktop shortcut or start menu and select Properties. You will see the computer name, domain, and workgroup settings in the System window.

While you do, you can also verify that your computer has a descriptive name, so you can find your PC while you browse the network. Keep in mind, we can not have two names the same computer on the network, if there are two names the same computer in a network will be a conflict.

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