Preserving your Calphalon Bakeware

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Preserving your Calphalon Bakeware

Having good cookware is the goal of any baker or chef. Having the right tools is essential to creating masterpieces in the kitchen. With Calphalon bakeware, you know you have what you need to whip up some amazing cuisine. However, even the best bakeware can get damage from wear and tear over time. If you are careful, though, you can learn tricks to preserving and thereby lengthening the life of your Calphalon bakeware.


Tips for Use and Care


The following is a nice set of tips that you can use to help you preserve your Calphalon bakeware. These tips will also help you to get the most from your bakeware by prepping the bakeware for the best performance.

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Always completely clean your Calphalon bakeware before use. Use soapy water and a dishcloth.


Be sure to check foods when baking because you will find often you will need to cook at a lower temperature since Calphalon bakeware conducts heat efficiently.


You can spray pans with non-stick spray or grease and flour pans as according to your recipe directions when using your bakeware. Doing so will help improve the quality of the final product.


Do not use metal utensils with your Calphalon bakeware. You should stick with nylon, wood or coated tools to prevent scratches. Over time, metal utensils will scratch and ruin the nonstick surface.

Never cut food in the pan. Calphalon pans are made for easy removal of the whole finished product so you can cut it on a serving tray or other surface. Cutting in the pan can cause damage to the bakeware.

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You can wash your Calphalon bakeware in the dishwasher, but for best performance and extended life, you should wash by hand.


Always cool bakeware completely before washing. Putting a hot pan in water can cause it to warp.


If you must scrub the pan, use a nylon type scrubber to avoid damage.


Insulated bakeware should never be soaked or immersed in water as this will ruin the insulation and damage the bakeware.


Store bakeware with some type of protective surface between items to prevent scratches and damage from bakeware rubbing against each other.


As you can see, taking good care of your bakeware is not too difficult. You just have to be aware of what to do and what not to do. You want your investment in these high quality bakeware pieces to be something of great value, but that can only happen when you take good care of your new bakeware. It is up to you to ensure that you do not damage it. Calphalon did a great job creating high quality bakeware, but even that can be overshadowed by damage.

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