Automatic Shutdown Computer Setting

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How the heck do I set the computer to automatically shutdown your computer when you leave within a certain timeframe, or at the computer when you still have to do something (eg Defragmenting) without having you wait, while you have to go to sleep because it has no power to resist sleep again.

Sometimes when too tired to sit in front of a computer monitor, without the drowsiness was coming, especially for my friends who often stay up work especial computer. And often fall asleep until the condition is also a PC or laptop is switched on.

This will certainly result in such losses, wastage of electricity, the computer gets hot, and so forth because computers work endlessly in the span of time.

Automatic Shutdown Computer Setting

There are simple solutions to overcome these events, by using software such as Auto Shutdown, Shutdown Timer and many other applications which you can download for free on the internet.

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Another way is by utilizing the built in an existing application on Windows. As we were watching television when his while sleeping. If you have some sleepy but still want to listen to the news, you can put your television timer approximately 1 hour or 2 hours ahead tv off because you are going to be a beautiful dream.

This is avoided in order you do not watch television, ooh … wrong, I mean that your TV does not turn on until the morning, my dear.

Ok …! This setting automatically shutdown your computer, it is very simple sob:

Click Start -> RUN

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Type shutdown.exe-s-t 3600, 3600 (1 hour) is the length of time that the computer turns off by itself, you can change the duration as needed.

Click OK, Done!


-s = to Shutdown

-t = to Time

-r = to Restart

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