Kitchen Faucet Repair

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Kitchen Faucet Repair

There is simply nothing more annoying than a dripping or leaking kitchen faucet. The water drip, drip, drips until you are ready to pull your hair out. Before you call the repair man there is a good possibility that you can do your kitchen faucet repair yourself and save a ton of money.


Getting Started


The first thing you need to do is access the situation. Is your faucet just leaking in the sink or do you have a soggy situation under the sink? This will make a huge difference in kitchen faucet repair, as one may be a tiny seal that is easy to replace and the other could require complete faucet replacement.


If you have a problem with low or no water pressure, you will want to check the aerator in the spout. This is a small screen that is prone to lime build up and will restrict water flow. Fixing this problem is one of the simplest activities when it comes to kitchen faucet repair. Unscrew the screen from the end of the waterspout and clean it well with vinegar and a toothbrush.

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Another very common problem in kitchen faucet repair is the leaky spout. This can be due to bad O-rings or seals. These tiny rubber seals look similar to a small rubber band. One ring will be in the end of the spout under the aerator while others may require removing the handle. With this type of kitchen faucet repair you will need an Allen wrench to remove the setscrew. You will want to make sure your water to the house is off when attempting to address this problem or you could get a shower you were not intending on!


Water Lines


Sometimes a kitchen faucet repair leads to fixing leaky water lines. You have two water lines that come into your kitchen sink, hot and cold. Over time, the connections between the two can begin to leak which can cause severe problems if not handled immediately. If you notice a damp odor under your sink or see the tell tale signs of water damage you will want to check all of your connections very carefully. Your problems could be more than the average person is prepared to fix and require the services of an expert, however leaving a leak can run into thousands of dollars in damage to floors and cabinetry.

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Kitchen faucet repair can be simple or difficult depending on the faucet type and the repairs that need to be done. For small jobs such as seals, O-rings and aerator blockage, all you need is a bit of knowhow and the proper tools. These common kitchen faucet repair jobs cost very little to accomplish and are not too difficult.

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