The Perfect Kitchen Cabinet Finishes

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The Perfect Kitchen Cabinet Finishes

Kitchen cabinet finishes vary and we can all recall the standard kitchen white, which we all know and remember from our childhoods and growing up in America. Today however those old boring one size fits all stereotypes are over. Boldly making a statement in today’s modern kitchen is just as likely to have glossy jet-black cabinets, as they are white. In fact you can find just about anything you are searching for in the color spectrum these days.


Cherry has been another bold choice in kitchen cabinet finishes these days as are just about every color and style of wood grain that you can imagine. It is no longer just accepted that a kitchen has to be a sterile while cabinet with a white Formica counter top.

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When you walk into an ultra modern kitchen today you are just as likely to be greeted with gray granite on top of an beige as you are to be seeing a teal green cabinet covered with a nice dark charcoal counter top. The rules today have totally changed and tings that would have not even been allowed in regards to kitchen cabinet finishes by a contractor five years ago are becoming the normal way of getting it done.


I am still of the mind that you should use a little class and taste when you are coming up with your kitchen color scheme and your styles a final kitchen cabinet finishes that you decide on. Remember that you will be having company and even farther down the line keep it in the back of your head that you may someday be selling your home and if it is way over the top then it is going to cut the price drastically or at the very least limit the numbers of buyers that may be interested in it.

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You are going to be the end person that says what you are going to have done, what colors are going to do it for you and what style cabinetry is going to adorn the inside of your kitchen. You are the one that will have the final decision on the kitchen cabinet finishes that are going to live in your kitchen. When thinking about the cabinets and colors though keep in mind the appliances that you are planning on using. Not all appliances will go well with the wilder cabinetry choices and if you need to replace an appliance down the line is it going to be easy to match the kitchen.

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In short when you are deciding on your kitchen cabinet finishes don’t let your desire to be trendy shoot you in the foot for the long term. Keep a cool and level head and you should be able to find something that will give you pleasure for many years to come.

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