Maple Kitchen Cabinets

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Maple Kitchen Cabinets


Maple kitchen cabinets are quickly gaining popularity among remodel. There are many reasons for this shift from other popular wood choices such as oak or cherry. If you are looking to remodel your kitchen, maple kitchen cabinets could be a great choice, and let us look at a few good reasons.




For many years, kitchen cabinets were made of sturdy oak or cherry. Both of these woods are great hard woods, however their grain is somewhat coarse and they are both a very dark wood choice. Maple kitchen cabinets on the other hand are light colored and have a very fine grain, which gives them an almost satiny sheen.


Maple kitchen cabinets can be stained, painted or stained and then glazed for a sleek clean look. In fact, if you use a light or clear stain you can actually get an oak or white oak looks for a lot less money. In addition, maple is also a hardwood, which makes it as durable as the other two choices.

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Maple kitchen cabinets can be out fitted with hardware that creates a colonial or traditional feel. Hinges can be inside hidden hinges or outside colonial hinges depending on the type of look, you are going for. Plus you can change the entire look of your maple kitchen cabinets with a simple change of knobs or handles. There is simply no end to the possibilities when you are outfitting your kitchen with maple kitchen cabinets.




Everyone knows that the kitchen can become a messy place in a hurry and somehow pancake batter finds the front of your new kitchen cabinets every time! The nice thing about maple kitchen cabinets is they are simple to clean. Simple soap and water will return your cabinets to new in just moments, and that is good news for any homeowner.

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Maple kitchen cabinets can be special ordered to your specifications. Everything will be done, stain, paint, hardware and or glaze. They will ship to your door ready to install with a few simple tools that most people have lying around the house anyway. Easy installation is always a bonus whether you are talking about maple kitchen cabinets or a new faucet.



When it is time to remodel your kitchen, do not let anyone convince you that you simply must have oak or cherry wood, maple kitchen cabinets are just as nice and durable at a fraction of the cost. There is not a simpler way to update and beautify your kitchen, these cabinets are so strong, and versatile you could use them in your garage, pantry or tool shed for storage. They come in all sizes, colours and compositions.

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