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Small is beautiful. That old proverb suddenly occurred in my mind when I saw that Small Bathroom Sink in a sanitary product exhibition. It was beautifully installed at a corner of an artificial wall which is definitely built for the exhibition purpose. It was less than a half of a normal size sink or about 15 inches wide to be more precise. Really small from the scale or linear dimension measurement point of view. Yet it is surprisingly very convenient to use.

I could simulate to wash my face without feeling awkward at all. In other words the Small Bathroom Sink is really a smart breakthrough in sanitary product industries. Can you imagine that ? At the corner of a room and you can have an extra sink to make your bathroom more convenient to use. Somehow the manufacturer has carefully design it so that you can freely bow to wash your face like you usually do at normal sized sink.

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Corner type is not the only model of Small Bathroom Sink I saw in that exhibition. There are many other models and designs as well with one similarity : small sized. Marbles, porcelain, glass, stainless steel and stone are the choices of material which they are made of. Since Do It Yourself is one of my hobby then one thing caught my attention : they are all more or less protruding about 4-6 inches off the wall surface.

They are extra protruding off the wall surface for sure in case I am wrong with the 4-6 inches estimation. So that must be the little secret of the Small Bathroom Sink to make it still convenient to use. Otherwise one’s forehead will be too close to a wall surface and that can be dangerous too in some conditions. The dimension scales and product colouring are so balance that they look so elegant and cute.

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Okay if you have special bathroom for your toddler or little children then the Small Bathroom Sink is a must have item for you. Although the Sales Promotion Girl and the product catalogue told me it is okay to be used by adults too. It seems that the decision maker will be one’s bathroom situation. In case there is not any sink installed yet due to space availability then this Small Bathroom Sink will solve the problem perfectly.


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