Copper Kitchen Sinks

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Copper Kitchen Sinks


The use of copper goes back far beyond written history and amazingly is one of the few ancient elements that are still used to fashion a wide range of products. From kitchen utensils to actual copper kitchen sinks, there is a little something for everyone.


Copper kitchen sinks are created from sheets of copper and are hammered into shape using different techniques and heating methods. Often time’s manufacturers will create copper kitchen sinks using recycled materials, which allows them to be sold cheaper but also means there is less pure copper in the sink. Less copper means, the sink will not be as durable as the more expensive copper sinks made from purer copper.

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Copper sinks are very easy to take care of requiring only a light coat of wax to prevent the natural aging process, which will change the color and appearance over time. There are a wide variety of finishes to choose from that will compliment most kitchens.




You may be wondering why anyone would want copper kitchen sinks when stainless steel and porcelain are so popular. What few people realize is that copper kitchen sinks actually contain a health benefit. Copper contains antibacterial properties that make it difficult for viruses and bacteria to live very long. If you prepare a lot of foods that are at high risk for ecoli or other bacterial infections copper kitchen sinks can actually protect your family.

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The down side to copper kitchen sinks is they do not react well to acidic foods. You should keep all contact with acidic foods to an absolute minimum if you use copper kitchen sinks. The acid in foods like citrus fruit, tomatoes or citrus juices chemically react to the copper. Keep the contact to a minimum or run warm water while cutting or cleaning these types of foods.




Copper of course does not come cheap as mentioned above, good copper sinks like the double basin hammered copper can run you as much as $1,000. For this price, you will receive handmade Mexican copper kitchen sinks. A sink like this will have a seamless construction and be made of 100% pure copper, in other words this sink will likely last longer than you do!

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Bottom Line


Copper kitchen sinks are a great addition to any kitchen. You should be prepared to spend a little extra on the outset, but for the money know that you will get a kitchen sink that will last for a long time with the added benefit of protecting your family from some forms of harmful bacteria.

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