Kitchen Storage Cabinets

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Kitchen Storage Cabinets


Kitchens are pretty much unrecognizable from what they looked like about sixty years ago. Today’s modern kitchens are works of art, designed by trade specialists to get the very best out of whatever kitchen space you have. The smaller the kitchen, the more of a challenge it becomes. But the aspect that has the most significant singular effect in the kitchen, is the kitchen storage cabinets.


Not only do kitchen storage cabinets have a dramatic effect on the aesthetics of any kitchen, but they also contribute hugely to the efficiency of the kitchen.


A well designed and thought out run of kitchen storage cabinets. can dramatically increase the total storage space you have. There are also some very clever features now on the market such as carousels, which make best use out of tight corners by enabling you to store pots and pans etc in an out of the way place, but easily reached simply by turning the carousel.

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Wine racks are another feature that kitchen storage cabinets now include. They really look quite smart and make best use out of any “dead” space that you might have. They are an elegant way of storing your wine without taking up any additional floor space.


The expression “fitted kitchen” is all about the kitchen storage cabinets, both the high wall mounted type, and low floor standing type too. The tops of floor standing kitchen storage cabinets can be cut out to form various apertures that take cooking hobs, sinks, and single or double drainers too.


Most fitted kitchens today also incorporate at least one tower of cabinets amongst the kitchen storage cabinets, going full length from floor to ceiling. It is usual to fit ovens into these, either single or double ovens with eye level grills.


It is also usual for most ranges of kitchen storage cabinets to have spare doors that can be used to fit over any fridges or freezers or dishwashers, so that you end up with what looks like a continual neat run of floor mounted cabinets, but that actually includes several fitted appliances suitably disguised.


Finally, the floor mounted kitchen storage cabinets also support the working surfaces which can be made from a variety of scratch resistant materials including marble and lava.


Kitchen storage cabinets can also have concealed lighting fitted which is both functional and attractive. Further enhancements include glass fronted doors in the wall mounted units, either plain, or tinted, of frosted with an etched design.


The kitchen storage cabinets themselves come in a huge choice of materials and finishes. The choice is actually so big that the best way of browsing to find the kitchen of your dreams is online. That way, you can check out all of the different ranges from the convenience of your own living room, and once you have narrowed your choice down to two or three options, you can then go to the high street outlets to see them “in the flesh” as it were, to make your final decision.

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When you are pondering which range of kitchen storage cabinets you will go for, you would do well to remember that if you buy real solid wood doors and drawers, you will be able to redecorate them after a few years for a new look, at little extra expense. Worth considering!

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