Pine Bedroom Furniture – The No1 Choice

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Pine Bedroom Furniture – The No1 Choice


With today’s taste in fashion (in terms of homeware) being very much about ethnic values, back to nature, and the love of the countryside, Pine is therefore a really popular choice of wood for all sorts of furniture; for the kitchen, the living room, and for the dining room, but pine bedroom furniture is particularly well in vogue.


Pine is such a lovely wood; fairly light is color with a beautiful grain feature, so pine furniture tends to have a warm and light “airy” feel about it. The best way to shop around for pine bedroom furniture is to browse online. You may not get the exact “feel” for the beauty of pine from online images, but you are probably already aware of what pine looks like, and if you are not, you can pop out to a local store to “touch and feel” at first hand, then continue to shop around online.

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White painted pine bedroom furniture is becoming very popular. Although it may seem a slight shame to hide the natural wood and grain, because it is made in such vast quantities, it is quite cheap, and obviously that is the thing that attracts a lot of people.


The other thing that people find attractive about white painted pine bedroom furniture is the white paint itself. The thing about the color white (which strictly speaking isn’t an actual color at all), is that it goes with anything, so you don’t have to worry about it clashing with other items in the same room.


Pine actually looks a little bit like oak, but the advantage that it has over oak is that it is so much lighter in terms of weight, and this can be quite significant when you are talking pine bedroom furniture in large items like queen size beds and big double wardrobes etc.


Most reputable stores that sell pine bedroom furniture have a “green” conscience and guarantee that their pine comes from renewable, sustainable sources. One of the most popular types of pine (there are actually over 130 different species of pine in the world), is Mexican pine, which owes its popularity to the fact that it has a natural “old” look about it.


The price of pine bedroom furniture generally speaking, is much cheaper than oak. This due mainly to the fact that pine grows so much faster than oak. Pine, whilst not quite as strong as oak, is none-the-less still very strong and durable, and will last you for years.


For a slightly less expensive solution, but still allowing you the luxury of natural pine wood, you can purchase your pine bedroom furniture in flat-pack form. You have slightly more aggravation in terms of having to assemble it your self, but that’s exactly why you can buy it that much cheaper. You do get another advantage with the flat-pack DIY option in that it is usually lighter to carry around, because instead of being assembled in one lump, it will be split down into several smaller, lighter boxes. It is then so much easier to put the pack in position in the room it is destined for, where it can be assembled in situ rather than having to try and lug very heavy, fully built pieces around the house, up the stairs and through narrow doorways.

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So, why not introduce some pine into your house with some beautiful pine bedroom furniture and assemble it yourself for best value?

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