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Have you put enough maintenance to your Bathroom Basin ? First of all it is must be properly installed since it is one of your bathroom hygienic part to look at. Make sure that it has a goose neck water trap at the beginning of its drainage pipe. Yes that curved pipe which lead to the main drainage. That small section is very important must have item at every correct Bathroom Basin installation.

It happens that dissolved fat of vegetable oil used to make any kind of bath soap will built up bacteriae in it. It is the nature of any bathroom and kitchen drainage pipeline inner wall to have fat accumulation built. Naturally bacteriae will start to grow in that fertile media and this will emit bad odor. So when you have problem with bad odor from your Bathroom Basin then you have already known the reason by now.

There are methods to overcome this problem either to use mechanical drain cleaner or to use bio chemicals. Before you order your plumber to do it of course you are to order him to fix the drainage pipe installation first. That is to correct the prime cause of the problem. As we are not to judge a book by its cover, so do we in this case. Even if your Bathroom Basin might seem to have already a goose neck water trap installed you would better order your plumber to double check it.

Even the best and most expensive Bathroom Basin will loose its value when such bad odor problems do exist. Once this main problem has been solved then you may have your Bathroom Basin properly maintained. Especially when it is made of fragile materials like porcelain or marble. Definitely they are made to last which is possible only when you pay good attention on its maintenance.

Every kind of basic material used to make Bathroom Basin has their own weakness side. Either it is stone, marble, porcelain even stainless steel which is considered to be the strongest and problem free material. There are misconceptions to clarify regarding “maintenance free” term. The truth is every single material definitely need its own condition and maintenance to keep it intact and deteriorated quickly. Let alone to consider Bathroom Basin is to be directly placed in a high moisture and humidity area: your bathroom.


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