Kids Room Furniture

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Kids Room Furniture

Is there anything more fun that decorating a kids room? Children are so innocent and guileless that you have no problem imaging with them that they live in a castle, under the sea or in some other magical far away land. If you have a little one you are chomping at the bit to decorate for there are many options, including wonderful kids room furniture that will go along with almost any fantasy.




Kids grow fast; too fast often times and what they love today will be old news in a couple of years. One possible option is to purchase a kit, which creates a jungle safari theme.




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54 giant vinyl wall stickers

Easy to apply

no cutting gluing or pasting

Remove and replace any time


Height chart

$55 Amazon


Winnie the Pooh Toddler


What child doesn’t love a honey loving chubby bear named Winnie? If your little bundle of joy cannot take their eyes off Pooh Bear and Tigger this toddler bed could be the perfect choice.




Pattern: Disney Pooh and Friends.

Toddler bed 52.5 x 30 x 26 inch

Bed made with sturdy steel and PVC.

Assembly instructions included

Mattress not included

$79.99 Amazon


Sesame Street Rug


When it comes to kids room furniture you may not think of rugs, however nothing sets off a kids room like a brightly colored area rug depicting Elmo and all their other favorite Sesame Street characters. This 72 x 48 inch rug will offer hours of fun and entertainment.


Table and Chairs


Set off the Sesame Street area rug with a sturdy table and chairs. When your little one reaches the age of 3-5 years of age or when they can sit comfortably without falling a table and chairs can be a great piece of kids room furniture.




Lovely kids furniture set inspired by Elmo

1 round table and 2 chairs

height approx 20″

chair size approx 10″x10″x24″H



Strawberry Shortcake


Here is a blast from the past that has thrilled little girls for many years. A Strawberry Shortcake play set could make her day. Brightly colored and covered with images of Strawberry Shortcake this play set is a beautiful piece of kids room furniture.

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1 Step Stool with storage compartment

1 wall rack

1 pop-up hamper



Bottom Line


Decorating with kids room furniture can be great fun and create a special space for your special person. Leave behind the cares of the world and enter the wonderfully imaginative world of little kids.

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