Installing Farmhouse Kitchen Sinks

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Installing Farmhouse Kitchen Sinks

Farmhouse kitchen sinks are seeing a surge in popularity. They have many unique attributes that make them the top choice in many kitchens. Farmhouse kitchen sinks do require some special installation considerations, though. You should clearly understand how to install one before you make the decision to buy one.


The Design


Farmhouse kitchen sinks have a deep design. They are usually a single basin and they can be quite heavy. These design features make them a little tricky to install in a spot that used to house a standard kitchen sink. Due to these special considerations you have to think carefully about what you must do to install your new sink.


Preparing the Space


The first step in installing farmhouse kitchen sinks is to get the space ready. You will need more under counter space for the deep well of the sink. You will also need to make one basin area and possible get rid of the cabinet front. You should measure carefully so you can ensure that the sink fits right in the space you have.

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Add Support


Farmhouse kitchen sinks are rather heavy. You will need to make sure that your existing sink are can handle the weight of your new sink. You may need to add support. You should check every area to ensure that from front to back and top to bottom that the sink is well supported. You want to avoid any sagging, so you may need to add in supports.


Under Sink Space


Since farmhouse kitchen sinks are deep, you will also need to ensure that you have the proper amount of space under the sink for the sink basin and the plumbing. You may need to make adjustments to ensure that everything will fit under the sink area without cramping or other issues.

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Finishing Up


Once you have made all the arrangements and the space is ready for the sink, it is just a matter of setting it into place and hooking up the plumbing. Once you set it in you can caulk around the sink to seal it. Then hook up the water and the drain. Make sure that everything is working before you completely finish the job. It is important to ensure the drain is hooked up right so you avoid leaks. Finish off with a quick polish and you new kitchen sink is ready for use after the caulking dries, of course.

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Farmhouse kitchen sinks make a great additional to any kitchen. They do require a little extra consideration during installation, but it is well worth it. You get a deep sink that allows you to easily wash dishes, prepare meals and handle any need that comes along. It also looks great and adds some character to your kitchen area.


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