Cleaning Service Prices: How To Determine

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For some people determining cleaning service prices can be a bit hard because there is no right regulation how much you have to pay your cleaning service. Yes of course, there is a standard cost of salary that you have to pay to your cleaner, but do you really want to give that standard salary while you’re cleaning service work very hard to make your office or home look tidy? Well, the answer is varies. Cleaning service prices are depending on the service, how good your cleaner make up your room. When you feel satisfied with their work, just give the proportional salary that is balance with their work.

Cleaning service prices actually can be defined into few factors that can help you to measure how good your cleaner work. Cleaning service prices frankly not depend on how hard they work in their physical work because the task is always same everyday and also there is no challenge that has to be solved by the cleaner. There is no major problem that has to be solved, which means that we “buy” their time. Considering your cleaner location to your house and also in which location he/she also works. This measurement will also help you to determine the price of them. Not only about the distance but also the travel time as well, have to be included in your cleaning service prices.

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Other factors determine your cleaning service prices

The number of task could be another consideration to determine your cleaning service prices. I mean that if your house in normal day already look tidy and clean, your cleaning service doesn’t have to sweep every day does they? They can do other specific task like scrub the bath-up, cleaning the pool or your aquarium or other duty. In the cleaning service prices you can add some bonus for them; it’s like a plus salary for them in their hard work. Trust me, it is motivated them as well.

Cleaning service prices by all means also include another task that you ask your cleaner service does. Maybe indirectly you ask them to grooming your pet or take your dog walking, it need extra cost because the main job of cleaning service is make your house clean and tidy but not include your pet. Another thing that can increase the cleaning service prices are the frequency. If you ask you’re cleaning service to clean your house once a week it will be much cheaper than you ask them to clean your house every day. All of these factors must be considered by you before hiring a cleaner.

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