Small Kitchen Remodeling Tips

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Small Kitchen Remodeling Tips

When remodeling asmall kitchen you have to focus on space and making the most of it. A smallkitchen does not have to be cramped. You can make great use of the little spacethat you have when you plan carefully. Small kitchen remodeling is all about learning how to maximize your space.


Issues to Address


It is important that you first realize what issues you need to address in yoursmall kitchen. There are four main areas that you need to address before youcan get started with small kitchen remodeling. These include:


counter space





You will want to design each of these areas so that you can maximize the spacethat you have. You want to make your kitchen functional without making itcrowded and by carefully planning each of these four areas you can do justthat.

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Counter Space


When installing counters you will need to try tofind a way to get the maximum counter top space for working without taking uptoo much floor space. You should opt for deep counters that fit in whereverthere is room between appliances. You want to try to provide for storage, whichwill allow you to put away appliances instead of having them take up valuablecountertop space.




Storage is going to be important. As mentioned, you want to have storage so youcan keep your countertops clean. You also will have no room for anythingsitting out. Make use of hanging cabinets so you can use thewall space instead of more floor space. If you have the countertop space youneed then you can start going up with the counters to add more storage.


Built Ins


Your kitchen will have some things that can not be moved without a lot ofhassle. To keep costs down and to save time it isusually better to simply work around built in. However, if there is a built inthat is taking up too much space or something that you just do not use then getrid of it. You can always use that extra space.


Of course, adding built ins can also be a space saver. You can add in a builtin microwave or oven which takes up space in the wall and not valuable floorspace. This is always something to consider in small kitchen remodeling.




If you are lucky enough to have a pantry space then make good use of it. It iscommon, though, for small kitchens to not have a pantry. You can always makeyour own. If there is a closet nearby then you can covert that into a pantryarea. Having a pantry means more storage space. It also helps you to expand the kitchen area. Any little expansion ofspace in your small kitchen is a great thing.

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Small kitchen remodeling is all about looking at what you have and using it to the maximum. You want to make sure that you are using everything possible to make your kitchen space bigger and better. You should consider the four main areas and then build upon those to provide for good storage and plenty of work space.

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