The Best of the Best Kitchenaid Blenders

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The Best of the Best Kitchenaid Blenders

One of the top Kitchenaid Blenders on the market is their 5-Speed blender. It is considered one of the most powerful blenders on the market and stands up to consumer expectations. There have been a lot of reviews of this blender that will let you get a glimpse of whether this would be your perfect choice in Kitchenaid blenders.




The 5-Speed blender from Kitchenaid is the top of the line in Kitchenaid blenders. You will find that the many features make it an excellent choice, but you do not just have to take someone’s word. Here is a list of the great features you can expect in this blender:


Strong 0.9 horsepower engine

Special motor design to prevent splatters and automatically adjusts for thickness and speed

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Multiple mode choices including stir, chop, mix crush and puree

Base made of die cast metal

Dishwasher safe pitcher

56 ounce pitcher

Multiple color options


In addition to all these great features, the 5-Speed blender is also affordable. It is not one of the more expensive models, but it is an amazing value because it is a very well designed and high quality blender.




The Kitchenaid 5-Speed blender is powerful and considered one of the most powerful on the market within any price range. The blender provides an even and consistent blend. Special features make it easy to use and clean. It is a trusty blender that is durable and long lasting. It even handles the tough job of crushing ice with no problems. The pitcher is scratch resistant and stain resistant, plus it is made of polycarbonate so it is sturdy.


Advantages and Disadvantages


As with any product, no matter how good it is it will have good and bad points. You should look over what other consumers say to see if you agree with the pros and cons and so you can ensure this is the choice in Kitchenaid blenders for you.


Advantages: Advantages of the 5-Speed blender include:


one piece pitcher

easy clean up

powerful motor

adjustable motor

lightweight and shatterproof pitcher


Disadvantages: The disadvantages of the 5-Speed blender include:


pitcher size is very large and may be too large for some

base malfunction may lead to leaking, but can be fixed


After looking over everything that consumers have said about his blender you should be able to make a good decision. This is one of the lines of Kitchenaid blenders that is very powerful, which is not debated. It is well made and ready to handle even your toughest jobs. The disadvantages are really not too bad since they may not apply to you and can be fixed, if needed.

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You can easily make this your new blender if you want a blender that can handle even the toughest kitchen duty.

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