Options in Green Kitchen Cabinets

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Options in Green Kitchen Cabinets

Green living has swept the world. It seems everyone is concerned now about living a healthier life. This transfers into every aspect, even kitchen remodeling. Green kitchen cabinets have become a great topic. Green kitchen cabinets are all about getting the toxins out of your kitchen. Typical kitchen cabinets have chemicals in them that can be harmful, so green kitchen cabinets help you to make your kitchen healthier.


Wood Options


Wood is the most common choice for kitchen cabinets. Real wood is the biggest issue when it comes to unhealthy choices. If you want real wood then you do have options in green kitchen cabinets in wood. You need to make sure when you buy green kitchen cabinets in wood that you check to ensure they are certified free of formaldehyde and have low or no VOCs.

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If you can, have the cabinets made of straw or wheat board. These can be milled and bound to create a strong product that is superior to the typical particle board. Best of all, when you are ready to replace these cabinets you can easily recycle them. This option may not be available easily, so you should be prepared to do some shopping around to find them.




One of the main reasons why most kitchen cabinets are not green is due to the sealants used on them. Typically sealants contain formaldehyde or VOCs. In order to avoid harmful sealants and get green kitchen cabinets is to choose cabinets with a water based finish that is no or low VOC. Many manufacturers use low or no VOC sealants so they should be rather easy to find.


Other Options


There are other options for green kitchen cabinets. You can choose metal cabinets. Stainless steel is a great option. Not only is it a great green kitchen cabinets products, but it is durable and long lasting. You will be able to keep your stainless steel cabinets for many years without having to replace them. They are free of toxins and are generally very safe.


If you want true green kitchen cabinets then the most common option is a non lumber choice of bamboo. Bamboo is a great product that offers visual appeal, along with being inexpensive. Bamboo is quickly grown so it is very renewable, which keeps the cost low. This also means that it takes less space to grow than trees and it is a great green choice.

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Green kitchen cabinets may not be something that you even knew about before your kitchen remodel. Now that you know though, try to make the best, safest and healthiest choice in your new kitchen cabinets. Choose green kitchen cabinets and keep your kitchen a safe and healthy place.

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