Modern Kitchen Designs

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Modern Kitchen Designs

Thoroughly modern kitchen designs of course incorporate the very newest appliances in either black or stainless steel as this “speaks” modern to many people. And of course the majority of designs incorporate blueprints that feature ultramodern and linear looks, but still blend in the warmer materials such as dark stone or wood in order to offset their linear or angular aspects of their particular designs.


Modern kitchen designs seem to use a highly limited palette of tones and materials that the designers seem to carry through the entire kitchen. This will create a sense of unity in the kitchen and will also utilize different materials that contrast with each other in their colour, texture and reflectivity.

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What may well “say” dry, uninteresting, and Spartan to one, may say utilitarian to another, however once a kitchen receives its typical clutter from the owner, which marks it as their very own, even a Spartan kitchen will come to life. This is because its design was obviously made for use and not just for a stylish show.


The more modern kitchen designs also use a highly imaginative amount of special cabinets that will please anyone cooking in such kitchens. Things like revolving pull out baskets that are made of chrome-plated steel are a wonderful surprise in a kitchen. Or, some people are enchanted with totally removable pantry units that allow for the exact placement of storage the way that the user wants it, not solely at the discretion of the designer. Fitted drawers seem to be the hallmark of modern kitchen designs lately, as it gives an ultra-clean look to any kitchen.


For instance most of us would not require such highly technical modern kitchen designs, but there are kitchens that feature motorized revolving shelves for storing china, all hidden behind a wall so that they may be set up in yet another room. Modern means such different things to different people.


Of course, there’s modern and there’s modern. Case in point, one very enterprising designer of modern kitchen designs has put forth the idea of a very specialized kitchen installed audio/video system that contains a built-in multimedia LCD module. All of this has been technically worked out so that all the glass surfaces of the kitchen will have moving pictures with sound, so that those in the kitchen won’t miss their favourite programs, or be deprived of being able to catch every second of their favourite sports, as they cook.

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Some thoroughly modern designs incorporated into kitchens is the use of rectangular, highly linear cabinetry design but mixing this with a semi-circular kitchen island that will act as its centrepiece. The point is to be imaginative, and learn what colours present the most eye appealing factors in modern kitchen designs.

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