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About Kitchen Works

Kitchen Works is a specialty kitchen store. It is located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and has been a major player in the sales of high quality cookware since it first opened. This store brings you unique and original kitchen items that you can not find anywhere else. If you live near or travel to the Chapel Hill area and are a cooking fan then you must stop in and take a look around.


A Little Background


Kitchen Works was founded in 1984. It was located in the University Mall. The owner Martha Jenkins works hard to pack every available space with hard to find items and one of a kind originals. She searches all over for such things as hand painted art and whimsical mobiles. Along side these fun finds, she stocks cookware, knives, glassware, ceramics and other gadgets. Kitchen Works is a store unlike any other. Just when you think you know what you will find, something new pops up to surprise you.

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A Little Extra


You know by now that Kitchen Works provides you with many great products, but this store is not all about the products. This is a store where learning something is a free bonus. The staff is well educated and willing to share whatever they can with you. You may not know what type of cookware you need, but all you need to do is ask and you end up in the midst of a cooking lesson. The staff goes above and beyond what you would expect from your average kitchen store. Of course, Kitchen Works is not your average store.


The staff is always on call to help you. There is also a toll free number where you can get product information and place orders. Special requests or orders are easily handled through the toll free line. The internet customers that come through the website are treated just as any customer who walks in the door. You will never find the website shopping cold or unfriendly. You always get treated like a valued customer because that is exactly what you are.

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Why Kitchen Works


If all the talk about the amazing products and outstanding customer service does not draw you to shop at Kitchen Works then maybe the company’s laid back and friendly style will draw you in. This company is not egotistical. They know you can shop anywhere. They know that they sell products that can be found in similar forms elsewhere. The thing about Kitchen Works, though, is this company invites you to visit. They invite you to just check them out and if you find something that catches you eye then great.


You can stop by the store if you are in the area or enjoy an equally pleasant experience through the online shop at their website. The company makes it easy for you to shop with them and find exactly what you need. Remember, too, that the inventory at the store is always changing so come back often because you never know just what exciting new thing is waiting for you.

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