Swollen Knee Treatment

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What happened if you love to play football then suddenly you have an injury in your knee? Also, what will you do if no one can save you? I know maybe it’s good for you to go to a doctor because he/she is a professional that handles in swollen and many other injuries, but still you have to understand swollen knee treatment if you have no time to go to a doctor. I prefer you with a home treatment for your knee problems, including pain, stiffness, also swelling. Let me explain to you about home treatment.

Step by Step of Swollen Knee Treatment

First, you have to take a rest. Don’t forget to protect your injure area. It’s good for you not to be panic, and rest your body from activity because it can make your knee swollen than before. This is the first step of swollen knee treatment, but don’t forget to put small pillow under your knee. After you take a rest, it’s time to take an ice. Because ice can reduce swelling and pain. Go to refrigerator, and take an ice immediately to prevent swollen. Put an ice into your injury for about 10-20 minutes, 3 -5 times for a day. For about 2 day after injury, prevents hot packs, and hot tubs. After 2 days, you can apply heat also try to make a small exercise to maintain your flexibility.

Another step of swollen knee treatment are compression the injured with a bandage to help reduce the swollen. Remember, don’t wrap it too strong, because can affect more swollen to the area. If you tighten your bandage, it will be pain, numbness also tingling in the area of injury. Also remember, bandage isn’t protect your injury. If you feel a serious problem, you can go to a doctor to wrap it for you. Elevate your injured on your pillows while you put an ice. Remember to put an ice while elevate your injury to decrease your swollen. Massage your injury gently to circulate blood flow also to decreasing pain, remember not to massage an injury area that causes pain. And prevent a difficult exercise, such as running, or playing football because it will make your swollen worse.

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You can use cane to reduce stress in your injury, also you can use two crutches to keep the weight of your legs, and you can but it at pharmacy. This is to decreasing activity with your injury area so you can heal it slowly. Also, it’s not good to smoke if you in an injury because it will decreases blood supply also it will make your injury slower to heal itself. These are knowledge about swollen knee treatment but if you are afraid to do that, you can call a doctor to help you also you can drink aspirin after 24 hours.

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