Gout Pain Relief – Alternate Way To Relief The Pain

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What is gout pain relief?

Gout pain relief has been wanted for all the people who had gout. Gout is a pain caused by a high uric acid level in blood that stuck in joints. Because of that uric acid stuck in joints, it causes an extremely pain that will last about a week or even a month if we didn’t get the treatment immediately. Gout can be insulted by many foods and drink. Mostly people attacked by gout because of the foods that they consume. They don’t mind their diet and eat all the foods as they like. And if you had gout too, there is several ways for gout pain relief.

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Simple nature way for gout pain relief

Many way to get gout pain relief if you had already attacked by gout. There are medical treatments and nature treatments. And in this time, I will share to you the natural treatment for gout pain. And here are several ways that you can do for immediate gout pain relief. First way is you can make a charcoal or flaxseed poultice.  To make a charcoal or flaxseed poultice, you need a half cup of activated powdered charcoal, three tablespoon of finely ground flaxseed, and a couple glass of warm water. And here’s the step/ first, mix the half cup of activated powdered charcoal with three tablespoon of finely ground flaxseed. Then add some warm water until it becomes a paste. Put the paste directly on the affected area and wrap it with some plastic.


Another natural treatment for gout pain relief is by using a castor oil pack. First, soak a piece of white flannel in castor oil then place over the affected area. After you place it, wrap it with plastic and heat up using a heating pad or warm bottle. Do this treatment twice daily for about one hour. You can also do a treatment for gout pain relief by alternating hot and cold application. All you need to do is just soak the joint in hot water for three minutes and then in cold water for about half minutes.


Gout pain relief with foot bath

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Last simple way treatment for gout pain relief is by using an Epsom salt foot bath or any foot bath that specialized for gout treatment. Many kind of this foot bath was sold in stores. So, you can get them easily by visiting nearly stores in your town. Well, that’s all some simple trick for gout pain relief.

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