What Is Home Remedy For Gout?

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Let me explain to you about this disease before I tell you more about home remedy for gout. As you can see, gout is an old disease and already attack many people for about 5000 years ago, then many people already died because of this disease. Also, let us see details of many gout natural remedies that have been used to in ancient times. This disease called as “ Disease for Kings” because many people, especially rich had this disease because they didn’t eat a healthy food and almost never exercise themselves.


What Kinds of home remedies for gout?


There are many kinds of home remedy for gout to cure even relieve your gout pain, also we can use home products to help reducing gout pain. First, you have to put ice to the gout area because we can reduce pain directly by putting ice to the area, so you can put ice for about 15-20 minutes, ice also can reduce inflammation, it’s maybe discomfort but it’s better than the pain from gout. Also, you can take ibuprofen to help you from easing the pain, then you have to do exercise to make your joints stronger, do exercise for about 1-2 times per day.


After that, soak your feet in Epsom Salt if your pain is focusing in the big toe, Epsom Salt is getting famous because many older people use it from laxative to bath salt to reduce aching muscles. Epsom Salts contains magnesium, so it can improve your circulation, heart, and lower your blood pressure. This also can reduce stress because can give you immediately relief from gout pain. You have to eat many foods that contain high concentrations of Vitamin C, likes berries, strawberries, seeds and grains, also fruits contains minerals and acids. This is a good food for home remedy for gout.

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Eat cherries and drink water for about 8-10 glasses per day is also reducing your toxins and reduce uric-acid levels. You can increase your consumptions of fruits and vegetables because can it can reduce inflammation. Exercise regularly is also important because it can prevent gout also joint pain, then to strengthen your body from diseases and make a stronger muscles, also can reduce many diseases from your body. Apple Cinder vinegar can cures many ailments from your body so you can try 2 tbsp of it then mixed it with 2 tablespoons of honey (2 times), your pain of gout will reduce in a few hours. That’s all the home remedies for gout that can be used from simple way.

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