What Is Gout : The Disease

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What is gout ?. Its not an animal, right. Yes, indeed its not an animal. Gout is a disease that caused by the excessive contain of uric acid in our blood and its staying around our joint and eventually lead to the swollen and redness in the big thumbs. Most of the time, gout causing stiffnes in some part of our body like hand’s wrist, foot thumbs, hand thumbs, ankle pain.


What Is Gout : The Causes


Gout is caused by unhealthy lifestyle, for sure. Especially the bad eating habbit and bad consumption habbitual.The development of excessive uric acid in the bloodstream is mostly caused by purines in the foods that we consumed. Purines are naturally occur in many kind of foods. Purines is also proteins which is occured in such foods like the meat especially the organ part ; kidney, hearts, lung, etc. Purines is part of foods genes that when metabolism its becoming the uric acid. When it was too excessive, it will cause problem since high level protein will lead to harmful lekosit as well. The existence of purines will be exagerrating when fats and cholesterol also “helping” purines to invade the blood stream. Therefore, most people with gout disease are those with high level of fat and cholesterol, even the obesity one. When uric acid is at it utmost deposit triggered by purines, the attack is coming. Severe and painfull join, swelling foots, ankle pain, swollen thumbs, stiffness in the hand writs are among many others painful experiences of gout attack. Well, what is gout then ?. Its seems to be as hard as heart attack.


What Should Be Done : What Is Gout


To care the gout problem, some measurement could be taken to ease the pain caused by gout attack. Also, preventive measurements must be taken into consideration so we can say what is gout when people were asking. Here the list of what you possible do.

  • Diet : the aim of diet is to provide a balance food intake to our body in order to avoid the excessive deposits of purines in the bloodstream. The diet for gout simply by eating fresh fruits and vegetables, eating only low fat foods such as whole grain breads, low fat milks.
  • Drinking a lot of water. The water is the miracle. It could be releasing and reducing the uric acid level in the blood stream. Drink minimum 12 glasses of water .
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Well, by having the right measurements, we could say, what is gout ?.

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