Uric Acid Gout Foods to Avoid Overcoming This Condition

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Uric acid gout foods to avoid can be different from each individual. That is why you should make sure what kind of foods that you can bear. You should know that in fact, the list of the foods that should be avoided by gout sufferers is not as simple as the ones containing high purine. It is true that uric acid is the breakdown of purine, so that you should limit the intake of purine from the foods to avoid the uric acid accumulated in your joints. However, not every sufferer can bear the high purine foods.

For example, it is beef. Mostly, the gout sufferers avoid this kind of food due to that fact that beef, like the other dairy products, is one of uric acid gout foods list to avoid. On the contrary, it is not like that. As long as the beef is the high quality one, you can be sure that it is safe enough for you to consume. Next, it is turkey. Some sufferers stated that they could not bear this food. It means that when they consumed it, the gout of theirs started to get worse. On the contrary, there are the other individuals stated that they were OK after consuming turkey in Thanksgiving Day.

Next, it is salmon. Most people think that salmon is one of uric acid gout foods menu to avoid just because it is seafood. However, salmon is not that dangerous. You still can consume it though it may contain high purine since the individuals with gout stated that they were OK with salmon.

That is why you should check the myth in gout foods before you take the diet. It is because you cannot avoid all foods containing high protein since your body does need protein as well. It is important for you to consult with your doctor about the list of food that will be safe for you to consume.




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