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Let me tell you about dental schools in Ohio, because as you can see, you can see only 2 schools that provide dental or dentistry education. For some students who live in Ohio, they must know about Ohio State University College of Dentistry, Columbus and Case School of Dental Medicine of the Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland. Maybe you are getting confuse about differences between two universities. These universities already became a “rival” for over many years and I think they have their own characteristics in teaching students also give the best education in dental healthy.

What is The Best in Dental Schools in Ohio?

Case School of Dental Medicine is one of the best dental schools in Ohio, and their ranking is the best with its affiliated medical school. This university offers 5 training programs: Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Endodontics, Periondontics, Orthodontics also Pediatrics. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery is a 5-year program for dual degree, then 4 of them are master’s degree. Their students become famous when students graduate from this university to work at hospital or maybe to open a clinic. University teaches students how to become multidisciplinary in laboratories also every year this university takes for about 4,200 graduates.

Let us see in Ohio State University College of Dentistry in Dental Schools in Ohio, as you can see, this campus is the 3rd largest dental schools in US, and this campus become famous in all of US. There are many formal graduate programs to a Certificate Masters, and Ph.D., there are: endodontics, dental hygiene, periondontics, oral biology, oral and maxillofacial surgery, anesthesiology, oral pathology, orthodontics, primary care and restorative dentistry, and clinical affairs. These formal graduate programs can lead you to what kind of programs that you choose to become a good dentist in Ohio.

Also, this Ohio State University College of Dentistry has special events, and this is a good event in dental schools in Ohio, like: reunion weekend where all of reunions, also another person in same schools meet each other. White Coat Ceremony is an event to welcome a new fresh students to become a college students in this university, then Distinguished Lecture Series; it’s a distinguished guest lecture, and post college assembly; it’s an event that features the announcement of awards and many more. As you can see, you can see these universities and you can think what is the best campus for you.

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