Undermount Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

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Undermount Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

Unless you have been looking into building or remodeling your kitchen recently there is a strong possibility that you might not have a clue what an Undermount stainless steel kitchen sink actually is. Yes you can envision in your minds eye what you think it is but you are more than likely not sure. Go and Google it and we’ll wait here for you to come back. Just kidding, we’ll give you the details. Although if you go look at them there is a good chance you are going to want to get one.


Most sinks that you see today in the average home are top mount. That is that the sink is dropped in a hole cut into the counter top. It is the way that sinks have been done almost forever. However the Undermount stainless steel kitchen sinks is one that mounts to the bottom of the counter top. That gives it a great custom look even if it is exactly the same size and shape as a drop in model. They just look more expensive and classier.

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With an Undermount stainless steel kitchen sink you have a few more usable inches of counter space right up to the sink as opposed to having the lip there on a traditional sink. Obviously being made of stainless steel will allow it to take more abuse and come out looking great and it will be more hygienic because stainless steel is sanitary.


As we mentioned, the sealing in an Undermount stainless steel kitchen sink is done under the counter top and not above it. Typically these sinks tend to offer more room than the above counter sinks and because they utilize that space better, they tend to be great in smaller kitchens. The undercoating that is provided with the vast majority of this style of sink tends to cut a lot of the ambient sink noise that comes from washing dishes.

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The Undermount stainless steel kitchen sink is fairly easy to install and can be a somewhat simple upgrade to do if you are looking to do your own work rather than hire a plumber to do it for you but be advised that when you remove the existing sink there sill be some scraping of the gook that has built up where the seal from the current sink has accumulated over time.


An Undermount stainless steel kitchen sink is not something that is right for every kitchen. It is also not something that everyone is going to like the looks of and in fact depending on the overall style of your kitchen it may even look out of place and make everything else look wrong.

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The Undermount stainless steel kitchen sink is well worth looking into as an option when and if you are ready to look into something different that not everyone else is going to have.

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