Undermount Kitchen Sinks

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Undermount Kitchen Sinks

When someone wishes to have the new granite countertops in their new or remodeled kitchen, invariably they will also want an to consider undermount kitchen sinks. The reason is of course for the very special look it will give not only the sink but also the granite countertop. The problem is, of course, the fear that the undermount sink will either leak or possibly even give way if full of water and dishes.


The biggest clue is to have it installed as perfectly as you can. This is not the time to cheat on the neighborhood guy who will install it for you for $10 bucks! Get a professional or if you do it yourself, follow each step meticulously. If you do so, your sink will not leak; much less give way in the nightmare mentioned above. Undermount kitchen sinks that are installed correctly will never give you any such problems.

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Of course it is logical for people to fear undermount kitchen sinks, as the typical stainless steel double sink that is only filled to one side with water will weigh approximately 100 pounds. What’s needed is super-strength epoxy. There are metal anchors that are used to anchor the anchors to the backside of your countertop. They are to be epoxied into place with two-part epoxy. Now the bond created by two-part epoxy has to be seen to be believed, but it has been said that the bond of it is often stronger than the items it bonds together. The installer should completely wipe down both the underside of the countertop as well as the sink itself. The reason for this is that there is often construction dust that adheres to these parts, and since dust will not make a good bond, be sure to have it be a very clean surface.


Once the surfaces are cleaned, a bead of silicone caulk can be run along the edge of the sink where it will touch the backside of the countertop. Most people use clear silicone for this, in case any of it oozes out and it may be seen if it’s not colorless, as you do not wish to change that seamless appearance.


The next step to installing undermount kitchen sinks is to take one 2X4 that is longer than the longest part of the sink if it’s a single sink or two 2X4’s if it’s a double sink. A bar clamp is then used for each drain hole found in the sink. The bottom end of the bar clamp goes through the sink drain hole, and the top part of the clamp goes atop the 2X4.


Once tightened slightly, the installer may then check if the sink is placed correctly before doing the final tightening of the clamps. Reaching up under the sink the two-part epoxy is applied to the bolt posts. After about 10 minutes elapses, the rest of the hardware that securely holds the sink to the countertop is placed in place. One should then wait approximately 24 hours to ascertain the undermount kitchen sinks’ adherence.

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Following the installation of any undermount kitchen sinks, the next day you may tighten the nuts that hold the kitchen sink to the countertop. Now, it’s time to follow the directions carefully to install the disposal and hook up the water to the sink!

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