Turf Toe Symptoms is Very Dangerous For Football or Soccer Athletes

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When some people hear turf toe symptoms, people must understand that this symptom always connected with football or soccer. Turf toe is actually means of sprained toe. When some people run away to take a ball, or try to sprint in over capacity, toe become difficult to handle it. Ligaments, is the part that works so hard to handle body in sprinting or running. Player must be careful and not to do their toe over-power so they can’t have this turf toe. Their career can be destroyed just because of turf toe.




There are 3 level of sprained toe or so called turf toe symptoms, named:

  • Strained in ligaments caused pain in toe and also need for about 2-3 weeks to heal that toe.
  • Ligaments are torn caused swollen in foot and also the foot will be painful when some items were put on the foot. It needs 4-6 weeks to heal it.
  • Joint dislocation in ligaments caused the most painful and also swelling. The player is impossible to move his foot and need a medical treatment quickly. It needs 6-12 weeks to heal it.
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Turf toe symptoms are very classical injury in the history of football player. Every player must do a warm up before exercise because the ligaments in their foot can be stronger and also not rigid during the match. Warm up before exercise also requires a reliable coach to avoid or less maximum the process of warm up itself. Warm up is a most for every athlete.


Another way to prevent turf toe symptoms is wear proper shoes. Player must use an appropriate shoe size foot, and use bands on their legs so will keep the leg strong also avoid injury. If the players already had a turf toe symptoms, this injury can be happened again in the future in the same place. This is very important for the player to notice their movements before their injury happened and also remember how this injury happened. Players need to concentrate and not to push themselves so hard in football because they can prevent any injury happen to their life and effect to their career.  Career of football player can be destroyed in a main second just because of this injury so all of athletes must not underestimate this injury.

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