Treatment for Gout Pain in Foot: Get the Choices

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Treatment for gout pain in foot can be various. It is you to choose what kind of treatment that will suit you best. Each of them has its own pros and cons. It is true that most people would prefer using herbal treatments. It is because herbal treatments will give you the expected results and at the same time will not affect your health with side effects. The common herbal that you can use is cherry. It is because there had been the researches stated that cherry contains the substance that can decrease the symptoms of gout. Dried cherries can also be perfect if you want to get rid of gout.

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Medical treatment for gout pain in foot can also be the great choice. You should know that medical treatment may give you the side effects. However, the results will be faster to show than if you take herbal treatments. It is because the effect will give you immediate result. If the pain strikes, then you can directly take the medications. The pain will be gone quickly. Commonly, the medications prescribed are anti-inflammatory ones and NSAIDs without aspirin.

Natural treatment for gout pain in foot may be suitable for those who have gout in lower stadium. It includes resting the foot right after the gout strikes. You should take a rest at least 24 hours after the attack. Do not forget to elevate your foot right after the attack of the gout.

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It is also important for you to do the diet. Keep in mind that there the kinds of foods that contain high purine. Purine is the substance that will breakdown as uric acid. Excessive uric acid will be accumulated in your joint. That is why you should avoid the foods containing high purine, like seafood, red meat, poultry, saturated fat, sweetened foods with fructose, and alcohol.



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