Tips on How to Make A Computer Run Faster

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How to make a computer run faster is probably disturbing you lately, as you found out that your computer does not work as it is used to be. A modern or technology gadget as computer and laptop will indeed decrease in speed and performance, as time goes by. This fact somehow has something to do with the sophisticated components inside the computer, which does not really tough against the computer’s rapid heat. Yet, it does mean that you cannot improve your computer’s speed, because there are several answers to question as how to make a computer run faster.


If you are a computer newbie and you apparently have no time to go to the downtown service center, here are some tips on how to make a computer run faster. First thing first, you are to learn that different operating system needs different attempts in boosting the computer’s speed, although they have the same components. These below tips on how to make a computer run faster, however, might be applicable to common operating system as several Windows OS and Linux.

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The first and most essential tip on how to make a computer run faster is choosing a good operating system that offers protection against spyware, malware, and viruses. These three disturbances are influencing a computer’s speed and other general aspects that directly affect the computer’s performance. Hence, to avoid these harmful programs at the first place, you are to install an operating system that provides protection against them as Windows and Mac OS. In other words, operating system determines much on how to make a computer run faster.


Another tip to apply on how to make a computer run faster is freeing your hard disk space, by defragmenting it. Especially if you are occasionally using your computer, you will find out that your computer runs slower day after day, and this is pretty disturbing. This disturbance actually lies on the program history, which people usually called as hard disk fragmentation. Hence, you are to defragmenting your hard disk to remove the history files. Let us move on to the next tip on how to make a computer run faster.

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Your computer’s start-up program will be the next issue on how to make a computer run faster. A computer with too much start-up program will run slower because it has too many to proceed. By removing some unnecessary programs, therefore, your computer has fewer programs to access, which will make it run faster. In addition, you do not have to take your computer to a service center to make it run faster, because computer maintenance software as Tune-Up Utilities will help you out on how to make a computer run faster.


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