Tips for Commercial Kitchen Design

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Tips for Commercial Kitchen Design


Commercial kitchen design can be a bit more tricky than designing your home kitchen. With commercial kitchen design you need to consider all the activity that will be going on in the kitchen and accommodate the large amount of work that happens in such a busy kitchen. It can help to have some great tips when designing a commercial kitchen to ensure that you have considered everything and that your final design will work.


Consider the Kitchen’s Purpose


When creating a commercial kitchen design the first thing you want to think about is the kitchen’s purpose. Not every commercial kitchen works in the same way. The big differences come from the atmosphere of the kitchen based upon the type of foods served. You want to have a clear idea of the kitchen’s overall purpose. Knowing the kitchen’s purpose is important to help you put into place the different design features of the kitchen.

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Consider your Budget


Another major consideration in a commercial kitchen design is the budget. You have to know what you are working with so you can make sure that you can afford every aspect that you need. You should start to break things down into categories of what you must have and what you would like to have. This will allow you to work within your budget and ensure that you can get everything you need in order for the kitchen to function properly.


In a commercial kitchen design you will be working with a higher budget than you would in a home kitchen. You also will have a very different goal. Instead of going for a more style centered design, you will be focused on function. With a commercial kitchen design you have to spend the majority of your budget on items that will be directly related to cooking.

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Create the Layout


Again, with your commercial kitchen design you have to think about function at all times. The look of the kitchen will usually be more minimal than you would do with a tradition kitchen design. The layout is very important. You have to think about space and function. You have to consider how the layout will work when the kitchen is in full swing and everyone is cooking and preparing foods.


Your commercial kitchen design needs to be focused. The commercial kitchen serves a very distinct purpose. It is focused on function and everything you put into the design must be carefully decided. Take your time with your commercial kitchen design and ensure that you take every possible consideration into mind when making your choices. In the end you goal is to create a kitchen where food can be safely prepared and served efficiently.

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