Stock Kitchen Cabinets

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Stock Kitchen Cabinets

Today everyone is looking to save money when and where they can. This is especially true if you are doing a large job that is already expensive such as remodeling your kitchen area. One place that you can choose to make a huge impact in the overall cost of the project is in the cabinetry that you use. One way is to do something such as choosing stock kitchen cabinets over a more custom designed style which can literally save you many hundred and even thousands of dollars depending on the project.


Granted, you are not going to get as high of quality on using stock kitchen cabinets as you will if you have a carpenter come in and custom make the cabinets specifically for your kitchen but the truth is that more of the modern cabinets that have been mass produced like this are actually fairly well made and do a decent job for the budget.

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Stock kitchen cabinets are not going to be as ornate as are cabinets that are made by hand but the bottom line there is that it is a cabinet and it is going to get used. Unless you are building a show palace kitchen where everything is basically being built for looks and to make everyone see how much class and taste you have you might well be served better by using the larger sums of cash for special items like the appliances that you want or need or a granite counter top to show it all off.

Stock kitchen cabinets today are a far cry from what they were just ten or so years ago. It used to be that you could look at cabinets in a kitchen and know right away if they were quality built or stock. Today with the advances in technology and manufacturing it is not so cut and dried to make that decision. Machines and mass production these days are both capable of making some pretty phenomenal quality items.


In fact if you actually look at the consistency factor of how the variance between the qualities of build from one mass-produced stock kitchen cabinet to another and then do the same between custom build cabinets at different times from a carpenter I think that the difference might astound you.

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The tolerances on the stock kitchen cabinets made by machine and on the assembly line are pretty tight. Enough so that one made two weeks ago is going to be nearly identical to one that is made six months down the line at the same plant.


Stock kitchen cabinets have lost the stigma that surrounded them from decades of the mobile home and trailer builds and today they are a fairly common addition in most new construction homes that you see on the market.

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