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Computer crime cases are significantly increasing from years to year, as the users of internet is also highly increasing. Principally, computer crime is similar to other crime, which involves criminals (later called as hackers), financial or property loss, damage, and other negative things. Yet unlike conventional crime cases, computer crime cases are much more popular and modern due to the equipments and knowledge involved. Several years ago, there might be only single type of computer crime; today, however, there are many types of computer crimes found in the cyber world.


This article will present some brief explanation about computer crime cases, such as what types of crime cases out there, the statistic numbers, and what you can do to suppress the increasing number of such crime. This article, therefore, is practically meant for those who desire to enter computer science or technique, whose work field would deal with computer crime cases.

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Anyway, there are several types of computer crime cases out there, which is generally divided into two classes; they are computer-network crimes and internet crimes. Basically, computer crime cases that involve computer network are less harmful than the internet crimes, as it might only influence the computer’s software or particularly its hardware. Computer viruses are the most common type of network computer crime around, mainly because it is quite easy to spread viruses. Besides viruses, computer malware is also the common network crime case.


Although less dangerous, computer crime cases that involves network could be very much dangerous especially in high level; usually this kind of crime is caused by professional computer hacker. But the danger network crime causes is less dangerous than online computer crime: this kind of crime can even affect computer users’ life. The most dangerous online-based computer crime cases is identity theft.

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Identity theft is considered as modern computer crime cases that mainly involves personal or identity information in credit card account or other online account. In other words, this kind of crime will influence computer users’ financial life. Once the credit card’ personal identity info was stolen, hackers can easily rob all money in certain credit card account. If you are interested in becoming a computer practitioner or technician, this is a common crime you would probably find the most. Other online crimes are including cyberstalking, phishing scams, information warfare, and so forth. There are, anyway, some different ways are usually employ to handle different types of computer crime cases.

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