Stainless Steel Kitchen Faucets

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Stainless Steel Kitchen Faucets

Stainless steel kitchen faucets have become de rigueur lately in our kitchens for a number of reasons. First stainless steel kitchen faucets will not rust, corrode, or stain easily. Secondly, their appearance is modernized and downright suave. Most of them are made with thicker 18 gauge steel as it is much more durable and resists scratching better than say, 20-22 gauge stainless steel which may actually dent and break. That gauge steel is also unfortunately easily scratched.


People also love stainless steel kitchen faucets because they are extremely low maintenance. There are never any cracks or fissures that allow any germs or bacteria to enter the faucet anywhere. Once cleaned, it takes a quick polish with a soft cloth, and it’s gleaming and dazzling once more.

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You will of course make sure that the mounting holes in your sink match the stainless steel kitchen faucets set up. Also, when choosing the style of your faucet, make sure that it truly fits the style of your kitchen. A 1950s style faucet would look totally ridiculous in a Country French kitchen for instance.

You will have to choose between a one stainless steel kitchen faucet or a two handled faucet. Many feel that because it’s located in a kitchen, that it is easier to adjust water pressure as well as the waters temperature with one hand or even ones arm when that’s necessary to not cover the faucet in sticky dough for example.


If, however, safety is a current concern because of young children or the elderly, you may wish to go with double handles on stainless steel kitchen faucets, as they are easier to handle with small hands or crippled hands, and it’s much easier to adjust the temperature with two handles. Also, you may wish to consider if the stainless steel kitchen faucets will have to be attached to a special filter you may be using. Cheap faucets sometimes cheat on the amount of line they give you for such connections.

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Even general contractors will tell you that stainless steel faucets are always welcomed by home buyers, although there are one or two caveats about them. Judge the size of your sink well, so that if you have a small bowl then a smaller faucet will be able to fit well. Endeavor to have the size of the faucet and the size of the sink be similar enough so that neither can overpower the other. Choosing, for example, a very large faucet for a small sink will create a look that positively will jar someone when they see it. The second caveat is to be sure to choose a style that you can live with for a long time, as stainless steel kitchen faucets have a very long functional life.

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