Space in a Galley Kitchen Remodel

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Space in a Galley Kitchen Remodel


A galley kitchen remodel comes with some challenges. Your goal is to make the kitchen space seem spacious despite the small amount of space there actually is. There are many ways to do this. You just need to learn the tricks. The straight line design and rectangle space can be tight, but learn the tricks and you can make your kitchen look amazing.


Vertical Space


One of the best ways to add more to your small kitchen is to take advantage of vertical space. Vertical space is often misused or simply not used at all. Vertical space can make for great storage space. You can easily put appliances or rarely used items in high storage areas. This not only helps you store items, but also helps you to keep clutter off the countertops, giving you more space to work.

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You can make use of vertical space by adding in cabinets, shelves or hooks for hanging items. Bare walls do nothing for your kitchen, so there is no need to let them sit unused. Add in things that will expand your kitchen and make it more useful.




Another trick to maximizing in a galley kitchen remodel is to use appliances properly. In order to increase the space you have you need to make sure appliances are not taking up unnecessary space. You can get smaller appliances or, if that will not work, then you can consider built in appliances.


Built in appliances are put directly into the wall. This will allow you to make use of unneeded wall space while also taking appliances out of the way. You can easily use this trick in a galley kitchen remodel to really give you more space and keep the functionality of the room, too.

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Proper Storage Space


Proper storage is essential in a small kitchen. Without it you will never make good use of your space. You need to ensure that you have cabinets and drawers for putting everything away. You also need to make sure that you are using that vertical space.


Everything should have an assigned spot and should stay in its assigned spot. You have to be organized. Be sure that you have organizers to keep everything neat and tidy. This is a major part of your galley kitchen remodel, so do not slack on it. Make sure that you take your time organizing things.

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Your galley kitchen remodel can really help you to make the best of your small kitchen. You need to make sure that you do everything possible to make sure that your space is used to its maximum ability. That involves planning, organizing and careful use of space. Take care of every area and you should be able to find space you didn’t know existed in your kitchen.

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