Small Kitchen Remodel

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Small Kitchen Remodel

Have you ever looked through the magazines and drooled over the beautiful kitchens but they look to be like 1,000 square feet and your kitchen is barely 300? You might think that a small kitchen remodel would be difficult or expensive but in truth with a few helpful tips, you can easily maximize your small kitchen remodel.




The first thing you want to do is consider your kitchen appliances. Do you need a dishwasher or garbage disposal? Or are you more inclined to grab dinner on the way home from work? Depending on how often you cook and eat in small kitchen,you may not even need a dishwasher or various other appliances. Decide which appliances you must have and then consider whether an apartment size would work for you.

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Color Scheme


One very simple way to increase the size of a room is through the color scheme.Light cool colors will always open an area up while dark warm colors create an intimate setting but also close the room making it feel much smaller than it actually is. Many retailers have handy color charts that will give you a great idea for cool colors for your small kitchen remodel.


Wall Space


Since floor space is at a minimum, you can make up some of the difference with maximizing wall space. Shelves, pegboards and hanging racks for pots and pan scan all go a long way toward freeing up much needed cabinet space. A small kitchen remodel means thinking outside the box and using creativity to maximize every inch.




When replacing cabinets during a small kitchen remodel you will want to keep the wood and color light. Heavy dark wood like cherry looks great on the showroom but will shrink your small kitchen even more. It is the same principle as we discussed about paint, light color equals the illusion of space.


Miscellaneous items


Perhaps the greatest thing about a small kitchen remodel is there are areas that you can splurge on. Take for instance counter tops, most people shy away from granite because of the price per square foot; however, when you are doing a small space the cost goes down considerably. The same theory applies to quality flooring and kitchen cabinets, when you have less to cover you can go with higher quality materials.

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One interesting way to get more out of your small kitchen remodel is to install a stainless steel wall. This can be a place for cute magnets, to do lists and even frequently called phone numbers. The key is to utilize as much of the kitchen as possible so that it is both functional and stylish. A small kitchen remodel can be a little challenging but with the right tips and a little creativity, you can have the kitchen you always dreamed of.

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