Severe Joint Pain, And Disorders Associated With It

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Severe joint pain might happen in not only one joint, but also several joints at once; and this is one thing that makes this medical condition one of the most painful joint disorders. There are several kinds of diseases or disorders involve joints, and cause joint pain; however, severe or acute joint pain is obviously not the ordinary disorder anymore. In general, joint pains can possibly caused by various types of medical conditions and even injuries. If the joint pain is caused by injuries (after accident, for instance), people only need sometime for it to relieve. Joint pain caused by a severer disorder, however, should be taken seriously.


Disorders Associated with Severe Joint Pain

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There are various disorders that might cause severe joint pain, and these are some common disorders or illnesses that are associated with joint pain. One of them is rheumatoid arthritis, which is an autoimmune disorder. This disorder causes some medical conditions as pain and stiffness in the joints; the longer someone suffers from this disorder, the more severe the joint pain will be. This joint disorder, anyway, commonly attacks adults (both women and men) at the age of 45 or above. Similar to rheumatoid arthritis, lupus (another autoimmune disease) can also cause this severe pain in joints.


Other disorders that are associated with severe joint pain (because they might be the cause of such pain) are bursitis, chondromalacia patellae, Osteoarthritis, and Osteomyelitis. Another common disorder that could be the cause of such joint pain is gout, which is another type of arthritis. If the joint pain comes with other symptoms as swollen joints and rash on skin, this could be the major problem. One thing people should know about pain in joints is that it can also cause by infectious diseases, such as hepatitis, influenza, and measles. For this reason, it is better for people to make sure the cause of the joint pain before taking any medications or treatments.

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Some General Medications to Severe Joint Pain

There are at least two kinds of medications people can choose to cure their joint pains; they are medical treatment (dealing with medicine and even surgery) and home remedies (natural treatments). Home remedies here are usually involving natural ingredient as cherry juice. And as mentioned previously, it is better for sufferers to make sure the cause of the pain (consulting to a doctor will be the best step) before deciding whichever treatment to apply to relieve severe joint pain.

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