Several Aspects What Makes A Computer Fast

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What makes a computer fast is an important issue you should learn if your occupation is dealing much with computing activities, from students up to administration staffs; this issue is much important if you are a computer programmer or practitioners. When your computer runs slower, your working performance would also decrease, and this is something you should avoid. Anyway, in finding out what makes a computer fast, you are to first learn several basic components of this modern gadget; hence, you are a newbie user, it is better to take your computer to a service center.


Taking your computer to a service center does not mean that you have no duty; you are to learn at least several aspects on what makes a computer fast. Knowing what aspects make a computer runs faster will be much more helpful for the service center to examine your computer. Besides, who knows that you can handle you computer runs faster, without taking it to a service center. Indeed, learning what makes a computer fast does actually need certain computing specialty.

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Anyway, the first aspect on what makes a computer fast is dealing much with start-up program, that is, a program (represented by icons) on the computer’s desktop. There is actually a more complicated explanation about this start-up program, but the obvious thing is that too much start-up programs make a computer runs slower. Hence, eliminating some of these programs will obviously answer a question of what makes a computer fast.


Another aspect on what makes a computer fasthas something to do with computer fragmentation, that is, the division of certain types of data that have been accessed and executed before. Especially a computer with frequent usage, as in gaming or office computer, fragmentation often happened. Too much fragmentation can potentially cause a computer to run slower. For this reason, defragmentation the hard drive will be effective in answering a question as what makes a computer fast.

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Sometimes, you have done regular maintenance to get your computer runs faster, such as eliminating start-up programs and defragmenting the computer’s hard drive, yet the computer still runs slower than usual. In this condition, you are to learn another aspect on what makes a computer fast, which is dealing much with a computer malware. A malware is different from computer virus, for it is less dangerous. For those who need their computer to work faster, however, malware is disturbing for it lowers the computer’s performance. Hence, you are to check your computer from any malware on daily basis, for it answers a question as what makes a computer fast.

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