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The suitable activity we can do right now is collecting the silver or gold. It was good because you can sell it every time you need money. But, there is the question emerged when you have to sell silver or gold. This is the urgent question because you should sell your precious material to the other people. If you sell silver to the wrong people, you will get losses so that your transaction is being so poor. So, deciding where to sell silver is so important one before you are really having the deal transaction of silver or gld. Today, there are many locations suitable for you to sell silver. But, you have to decide one you most desired for the most money in the deal.

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Several top places have been listed as the best places to sell silver. The first place for you to sell your silver or gold is in the coin silver jewelry or gold collector. Recently, there are many people who also used the silver in their engagement. Engagement right now is not identical with gold because silver can be the substitution of the gold. Usually, the people look for the rings of the silver to the jewelry collector. So, you can sell silver to the jewelry collector, too. It means that you can also help the couple who want to engage and get married. But, before selling your silver to the jewelry collector, you have to see the collector portfolio to see whether it is trustable collector or not.

Sell silver to the dealers or online brokers

Beside sell silver to the jewelry collector, you can also sell your silver to the silver dealers. Many dealers you can find via online or online. Selling the silver to the silver dealers is being safe because there is the system of the purchasing, selling and its payment so that you should not doubt to sell silver to the dealers. It might be safe than selling to the jewelry collectors. But, when you want to sell silver to the silver dealers, you have to know its recent silver price because usually the dealers want only to buy it with the lower price than its recent price. It will make you lose.

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Besides, you can also try to sell silver to the online brokers. As its name, you only use the internet connection to visit the online brokers and do the transaction. Like the dealers, you should understand the system selling and payment if you want to sell silver.

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