Select the Right Kitchen Lighting Design

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Select the Right Kitchen Lighting Design


Kitchen lighting design is an important aspect of this busy room in your home. With proper kitchen lighting design you can easily create the right feel in the room and also keep the room safe and functional. You want to learn about what type of lighting you need so that you can serve the right purpose for how you use your kitchen. When you have the right lighting the rest of the room seems to fall in place and your kitchen becomes a highly functional room.


The Purpose


The purpose of your kitchen lighting design should be focused on how you use your kitchen. Not every family uses their kitchen in the same way. For some people the kitchen is purely a work room, where food is made and dishes and cleaned. For others the kitchen is a gathering room that serves as the social centerpiece of the home. Still others may use the kitchen to serve a mix of needs, from cooking to homework to social hour. It is important when creating your kitchen lighting design that you understand your kitchen’s purpose.

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You will want your kitchen lighting to serve its purpose. You will need to make sure that your kitchen lighting will give you adequate lighting. You want to be able to perform functions and stay safe while in your kitchen. Usually kitchen lighting designs tend to use a lot of lighting and lot of different types of lighting fixtures to serve the purpose.


Figuring the Design


You will use the purpose of your kitchen to design the lighting you will use. You will need to make sure that each area of the kitchen is well lit. You want to provide bright lighting in areas where a lot of work is done, such as the stove and sink area and at the table. You will also want to be sure that you have adequate lighting to provide for safety.


Usually in kitchen lighting design, layering of light is used. This allows you to be able to adjust the light level depending on how you are using the kitchen. Many people like to have accent lighting in the kitchen. This enables a light to be left on so when someone comes into the kitchen after dark, they can still see where they are going and what they are doing without the need to turn on a bright overhead light.

Types of Lighting to Consider


Creating a good kitchen lighting design involves understanding your options. You may have a good idea in mind of what you need, but getting to know more about each particular lighting option will help you finalize your plans.

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Ambient lighting is one option. It is the major light source in the room. Task lighting would be lighting in a specific area that adds in a specific task, such as a light above the sink. Decorative lighting is just to highlight decorative features and can serve as a sort of night light. These are the three main sources of lighting that you will find in most kitchens.


Kitchen lighting design can be fun, actually. You will find many different lighting styles and ideas when you start shopping. Have fun with it and create a kitchen lighting design that is functional and stylish.

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