Scrapbooking with Bathroom Remodeling Photos

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Scrapbooking with Bathroom Remodeling Photos


Home remodeling does not have to be all work. For those who love scrapbooking, bathroom remodeling photos can help you to create a very fun scrapbook. You can turn your home remodeling project into a memory that will last forever.


Go Shopping


To get started on your bathroom remodeling scrapbook you want to go shopping. You will need plenty of tools to create your scrapbook besides the bathroom remodeling photos that you will take. You should choose a scrapbook that works with the bathroom remodeling theme. You should find other supplies that will work with what you have in mind for the book set up and design. Buy supplies for the actually crafting, too. Things like glue and scissors are just as important as all the little embellishments that you will buy.


Make a Reference Book to Start


When you first start your scrapbook there will not likely be a lot of bathroom remodeling photos. You will have the before pictures. These can be handy, though. Your scrapbook can make a great reference book to start with. You can use the bathroom remodeling photos that you have taken to help you choose the new design and to help you find the things you need for the actual remodel.


Take bathroom remodeling photos of everything. You want to capture what the bathroom looked like before demolition even started. You want to capture that memory. This will form the beginning of your scrapbook.


You can also add to the scrapbook your color choices or options and even samples of the fabrics, tiles and paint you will be using. You can document the things you considered even if you do not end up using them. You never know when this can come in handy down the road when it is time to do a remodel again.


Make It Fun


Do not forget that your scrapbook is supposed to create and capture a memory. Keep a journal of your bathroom remodel. Make notes on each of the bathroom remodeling photos. Write down funny things that happen and attach some bathroom remodeling photos that show what you are telling about.


Finish It Off


When the remodel is over you can finish up your scrapbook by adding in the final bathroom remodeling photos. Show off the new bathroom. Talk about why you love it. Talk about the challenges and make sure that you really capture everything from start to finish.


Scrapbooking your bathroom remodel is fun. You can see everything from start to finish. You will capture all the funny or crazy moments that tend to happen during a remodel. Creating a scrapbook captures memory in a way that simple bathroom remodeling photos just can not.

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