Resurfacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Resurfacing Kitchen Cabinets

Sooner or later if you are living in a place very long things will start to show signs of use and abuse. It is a fact of life. As you use something it will begin to show wear and tear. The more that you use it the more it will show the wear. This is true of things that get used a whole lot such as your kitchen cabinets. When they get so worn that it shows you have some choices at your disposal. You can replace or you can repair. Lately people have been saving money by spending cash on resurfacing kitchen cabinets rather than replacing.


If your cabinets are still structurally sound and they still meet your needs for storage and the overall look and feel is still good then resurfacing kitchen cabinets is a great way to save money and time. On a project like kitchen cabinets it is a major expense to replace them and it is a major time investment as well because you have to remove the old ones and then measure for the new ones and quite often then you have to wait for the new ones to be made to fit the space and then there is tweaking to make them fit.

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It is a major pain in the butt and more folks these days are opting to save the cash and the time by resurfacing kitchen cabinets. You may be talented enough to manage this task yourself. If the finish is real wood then it can be as simple as stripping the old finish off and then applying the new in several coats and some finishing sanding and you are good to go.

However if you’re going to be resurfacing kitchen cabinets that are covered with some Formica or other type of covering like granite then it might be worth looking into replacing unless you know what you are doing. With a Formica based cabinet finish you have to unseal and peal the current covering, which can be done with heat and there is glue and a lot of potential mess and dangerous fumes as well and often times you have to press or clamp the finish covering.

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As you can see resurfacing kitchen cabinets that are basic wood grain is a lot easier than most other types. The disadvantage with doing wood grain resurfacing is that the finishes are usually softer than a Formica based covering and as a result will start to show age and wear much sooner than the other types might.


If you look on the plus side of this when you resurfacing kitchen cabinets of the wood grain variety, you can also easily do touch ups in between major resurfacing and should your tastes change from the light oak to a dark regal cherry it is as simple as stripping and redoing it to that particular finish.

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