Replacing a Kitchen Sink Strainer

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Replacing a Kitchen Sink Strainer


There may come a time when you need to replace your kitchen sink strainer. A strainer can rust out over time and need replacement well before the whole sink is ready to go. You may also find other reasons to replace the kitchen sink strainer, as well. It is not a difficult job, but learning to do it correctly will help you ensure the project is a success.


Remove the Old Strainer


Before you can begin replacing your kitchen sink strainer.  you have to take the old one out. You will need a plumbing wrench to do this. You start form under the sink where you will need t unscrew the pipe that connects to the strainer. Remove the pipe carefully, avoiding damage to it. Unscrew the collar ring that is on the strainer. You should be able to see this collar easily. Now remove the rubber washer and the strainer should be able to be removed now. Simply pull it out.

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Prepare the Area


You have the kitchen sink strainer out now, but you need to clean up the area. When the kitchen sink strainer was installed there was plumber’s putty used to help secure it and seal it. You will need to remove this old plumber’s putty. Just scrap it off the best you can and create a clean surface to put your putty on.


Once it is clean you should roll some new plumber’s putty into a long and thick roll. Push the putty into place around the area. It is fine to use a lot. You will need a lot and having more than you need is fine as it can be wiped away later. You must have enough putty to create the watertight seal that prevents leaks. Too little putty will cause a leaky strainer. Do not be afraid to use a large amount even if it looks like too much.

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Install the New Strainer


You can now put in the new kitchen sink strainer in the empty hole. Make sure it goes in straight and that you push it securely against the putty. You will be placing it from the top. After it is in place you go back under the sink and put on the new rubber washer and screw on the new collar ring. You may need assistance with this. Someone can hold the strainer in the top so it stays in place while you screw on the new collar. Make sure it is tightly screwed in place.

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You can finish up now be replacing the pipe. Test out the new kitchen sink strainer to make sure it does not leak. Clean off the excess putty. Your new kitchen sink strainer is now installed successfully.

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