Reface Kitchen Cabinets

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Reface Kitchen Cabinets


Kitchen cabinet replacement can easily run you several thousand dollars and that does not include counter tops. One handy way to offset a lot of the cost is to reface kitchen cabinets instead of purchasing new ones. Refaced cabinets look great and are almost indistinguishable from new cabinets if they are done correctly.


You have several choices to make when deciding to reface kitchen cabinets in your home. First and foremost are you going to do it yourself or hire a contractor. If you make it a DIY project you will save quite a bit of money, however if you are not mechanically inclined you are better off hiring someone who is. You can run through a material and money trying to do it yourself and still end up calling the local contractor so if you know your limitations and this is one of them skip the middle and go right for the professional.

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A contractor does not have to specialize to reface kitchen cabinets, nevertheless it is a good idea to inquire about their experience and ask for references. Just because someone is good at flooring or roofs does not mean they can handle a job where they have to reface kitchen cabinets. Besides, you always want to check references before hiring anyway.




When you reface kitchen cabinets, all you are really doing is replacing the doors and using sheets of veneer to cover the exposed parts of the existing cabinets so that they match your new doors.


Veneer can be purchased as sheets or pre-cut sections depending on your skill level. When you have full sheets of veneer you will have a lot of measuring and cutting to do, however if you choose pre-cut pieces you will only have to take the measurements and then let professionals cut them for you. Pound for pound most of the time the price difference is minimal, so go with the option you are most comfortable with doing.


You can purchase self-stick veneer, which means you will not have to contend with contact cement, however remember that the adhesive is very strong and you will want to carefully put your pieces in place. If you have chosen to cut, your own veneer to reface kitchen cabinets you will need to trim the edges after it is in place.

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When you reface kitchen cabinets, you can save a ton of money. All it takes is a little time, patience and know how to provide your kitchen with a whole new look for a fraction of the cost of new kitchen cabinets. Take your time if you choose to do it yourself as measuring, placement and color choices are going to be things you have to live with for quite some time.

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